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September 20, 2018

News Spot Lite

What is News Spot Lite:

This software has been developed so that you may add a news delivery system to your web site. It will show a list of news topics on the left menu, and then your clients may click a topic, and it will pop up your news article. As well, this software makes things more efficient by showing three news posts at a time, then allowing the client to view all of the news if they do desire to.

Why you should buy the News Spot Lite:

The news spot makes things simple! Not only does it come with a password protected administration page, but it also somes with a comprehensive read me file incase you get lost setting it up! As well, you don't have to mess around with complicated database administation tools, because we have the News Spot Lite set up on it's own text database!

What's included with the News Spot Lite:

  • A configuration file, so that you can customize the script and set it up easily.
  • A password protected administration tool.
  • Instructions on how to install and customize the script.
  • The script to display three news posts anywhere you want.
  • A page that shows all of the news articles.
  • The script that pops up to deliver your news.
  • A license and the email to our support team.

Requirement for News Spot Lite:

  • A modern version of PHP.

Online Demo:

An online demo has been installed here (admin.php).

You can download the News Spot Lite for FREE! Just click the button below:

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