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September 20, 2018

Database Backup Utility

What the Database Backup Utility is:

This software optimizes all of your tables, in all of your databases, and then goes through each table to back it up into peices that can be dumped back into the database later on, if something unfortunate were to occur.
The software gives you a visual view on the progress of the tables, and gives you information on the size of tables, and whether they were so large that the software deemed that they should be broken into small pieces.
The best part is that the dump files are backed up onto your FTP server into a backup folder, and stored by date and file. That way, you may either download it onto your computer later, or leave it up as a backup incase something were to happen to your tables or your database.

Why you should buy the Database Backup Utility:

The Database Backup Utility is a necessity to web masters who have many, or large MySql databases. As well, this software makes backing up so easy! It would be a great risk to not be able to back up your database files very often! And this script makes it possible.

What's included with the Database Backup Utility:

  • An interface that tells you what the Backup Utility is doing.
  • An optimizer script that runs before hand, to repair and speed up your tables.
  • Software to read each of your tables, and then store them on your server by date, database, and table.
  • Safety checks to ensure that the dumps are not too long for one file.
  • A folder that is used to store the backps in.
  • A readme file that contains instructions.
  • A license and the email to our support team.
Requirement for the Database Backup Utility:

  • A modern version of Php.
  • A modern version of MySql.
  • A program to read your dumps later on, such as PhpMyAdmin, or knowledge on how to do dumps using Php scripts.

You can download the Database Backup Script for just $24.95! Just click the button below:

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