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September 20, 2018

Paypal Download Protector

What the Paypal Download Protector is:

Most websites that use Paypal to sell digital goods electronically are not very secure. What this software does is let the customers find the final link, but after that it will make sure that they have actually purchased the item, and that the transaction has been completed. Following that, they will be sent the link to the product by email.

Why you should buy the Paypal Download Protector:

Rather than relying on cheap gimmicks or low tech tricks, this script actually connects to the Paypal server, which is why it makes your sales much more secure. As well, it is incredibly easy to set up, as you just have to change a quick option in your Paypal account, then create a button from your Paypal account, and just fill in some fields in the configuration file! And if you manage to get lost, or want to add extra features, then there's a very comprehensive read me file included!

What's included with the Paypal Download Protector:

  • A configuration file, so that you can customize the script and set it up easily.
  • Some information about how Paypal works.
  • Instructions on how to install the script.
  • Information on how you may modify the script, and some trouble shooting help.
  • A license and the email to our support team.
  • The software.

What can the Paypal Download Protector do?:

  • It makes sure that no one can do something simple like view your source to find out the location to your digital product.
  • It makes sure that they have paid the full amount.
  • It connects with Paypal directly.
  • It works with a single item purchase.
  • It sends an email to the customer that includes a link to the digital product.
  • You won't need a database or programming knowledge.
  • It automatically notifies you of errors.
  • It has many comments so that you can edit it easily if you know any Php.
  • It comes with a comprehensive instruction manual.
Requirement for the Paypal Download Protector:

  • A modern version of Php.
  • A Paypal account.

You can download the Paypal Download Protector for just $9.95! Just click the button below:

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