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September 20, 2018

Graphic Design

SkyLap Design specializes in creating graphic images and optimizing them for Internet use. Our designers use cutting-edge software and resources to develop graphics that are specific to each client. We are ready to deliver the results you request, whether your needs are simple or elaborate. We have now expanded to offer FlashTM based graphics and web sites.

Here are just a few ways that we can help your business succeed through the use of graphics related services:

Corporate Logos
SkyLap can create fast-loading, high-quality logos to emphisize your corporate image. We will provide you with 3 unique logos in which you can choose one. After you tell us your selection, we will create 3 sizes of your logo. One large version to use as a splash screen, a mid sized version for the home page - and a small version for your sub pages.

Animated Logos
Brighten up your company's image with a unique animated logo. All of our animations load fast and are professionally made for the web in ".gif" file type. 3D animation/still logos are also very popular on the internet.

Icon Buttons and Image Headers
SkyLap can create buttons, icon bars (eg. nav bars) and page headers with a variety of professional appearances. These graphics will provide easy browsing for your site's visitors without needing to make an image map.

Image Maps
ImageMaps are large colorful logos that contain buttons, or links, to the rest of your Web Site. They are mainly used as "splash" screens or on your home page (instead of the typical navigational bars most sites have). SkyLap has designers that specialize in image map creation.

Animated gifs
Promote your site with lively custom-made animations offering people a more comfortable visit to your web site. These animations are quick-loading but smooth-moving as they enhance the complete feel of your company's image.

3D Graphics and Animations
3D graphics incorporated directly into a web site enhances the quality of the web site. SkyLap specializes in still 3D graphics as well as full fletched 3D animations such as a rotating logo. These animations can be setup towards the layout of the overall web site to match in a fast-loading, smooth-moving system.

Once your site is created, advertising becomes an immense importance. In order to received visitors of "hits", the public needs to know about your web site. We specialize in idol and animated banners, which provide essential links to your site.

Please fill out of easy free quote form for a free quote for your design project or for additional design information.

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